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Best Hair Products for ALL Hair Types

Hi Everyone!! Happy Friday! I am just going to be so real with you. I have always had super fine hair. Once I started cheering for Baylor, I always found myself putting heat on my hair and teasing the heck out of my hair. Before my wedding, I focused on getting my hair healthy. It got soo healthy and thick! I had seen sooo many IG bloggers/ influencers get hair extensions. I really thought it would be fun to have a change and try something new with my hair! I was literally sooo excited to get these extensions! I thought about it for so long because I had never done anything drastic to my hair. On June 22nd I got the bombshell extensions put in! They looked amazing!! Yet hurt super bad LOL. It has been almost a month with the extensions on my head. I have felt it pulling my hair since I got them. I am getting them taken out this morning and am low key feeling like I am going to have half the hair that I began with. I feel like so much of my hair has fallen out which makes me super sad.

Flash forward a few days and now HAPPY TUESDAY! My hair extensions are officially out. My hair lady came over and removed them. My hair felt so thin. I showered and was planning on getting ready for the day. As my hair got wet.. some of my hair came out. I started balling like a baby because I regretted even getting the extensions. I immediately went to see my hair girl, SUSIE, and she hugged me and reminded me that it will grow back. She honestly told me that my hair looked the same as it did before, but still I just was shook at the difference of my hair with and without extensions. I personally feel like it’s thinner and want to get it healthier than it was before I even had extensions!  I still have hair and I am very grateful for the way God created me. I truly don’t think anyone else will realize because it’s my own hair on my head and obviously still have hair.. but it was very sad.

At the end of the day, it is just my hair and it will grow back. BUT I am preparing myself with different products to use to make my hair healthy again! A few days ago I put up a story asking for hair product recommendations and SO many people responded. So I wanted to share these with you if you are going through a similar situation!! AND if you are not going through something like this, I just wanted to remind each one of you that your hair + body DO NOT define you. We are so lucky to be healthy and be on this earth, with or without thick hair!

Shampoo and Conditioner: 

I have been Using Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner for a while.. and I know it’s as expensive as heck but I justify it because I feel like it really will help my hair in the long run. After using this I feel like it is super gentle on my hair. I read online that it rejuvenates hair so it appears more youthful and healthy.

Biolage Styling AirDry Glotion 

This is a light spray and will give your hair a glossy and shiny look. This is a healthy product to style your hair with!

She Moisture 

Shea Moisture products seem to focus on hydrating and softening your hair. It is great for all hair types. They have all sorts of products.


I went ahead and ordered the Hair Perfector. If I love it enough, I will order the Shampoo and Conditioner as well! This really restores the texture of your hair. It focuses on reducing breakage and improving the look and feel of your hair. My friend let me borrow her shampoo this weekend and it was so perfect and hydrating. I used it after being at the lake all day and wowza it was so perfect for my hair.

Ouai Products 

This treatment mask sounds like it would be perfect for the damage that I have recently gone through. This mask will protect your hair from future damage.

The Scalp and Body Scrub is a solid cleanser and a perfect weekly detox.

The three OUAI kit helps create the texture and volume that we all want! Definitely ordering this.

And lastly, this oil seals your split ends and protects your hair from heat.

More Oribe Fav’s

SO many people responded to my story recommending the ORIBE Hair Oil and the Power Drops! I just ordered both of these online and I am SO excited to try these. I have a friend who has seen Oribe products transform her hair so I am hoping it does the same for me! The Power Drops are used to deeply condition and strengthen your hair.. Sounds perf for me!

My personal Fav’s

I just recently reached out to my friend Savvy who went through a similar situation with her hair. She highly recommended these 4 products and has seen so much growth and change in her hair. They came in the mail over the weekend and I just used them last night!! WOW using these products last night already feels like a game changer.

I LOVE this Davines Energizing Scalp Treatment. It seriously feels so good on your scalp. Using this will make your hair stronger and stimulate hair growth. I am super excited to see these results.

Davines Ol Oil: This will add the motherload of shine and perfect for detangling after you get out the shower.. IDK about you, but I hate brushing my hair after my shower because I feel like it pulls so much of my hair out. I loved using this last night.

Davines Ol All in One Milk: You will spray this after your shower 10- 15 times and it will protect your hair from applying any heat products on your hair.

What I used to make my hair thick before I got extensions

I will definitely still implement these things in my routine because they really did help.

The Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins actually DO WORK! For real, I used these gummies before I got hair extensions and they made my hair so much more full than my hair had ever been. These vitamins are full of Vitamin A, C, D, E, B-12 and Biotin! And it’s a bonus because they help the growth of my nails.

I always use coconut oil right when I get out of the shower. This makes my hair feel soft and dry fully straight.

I hope that this blog was helpful if you have damaged hair OR if you are simply just trying to get your hair more healthy. Personally, I would not recommend anyone to get extensions because it can be so damaging to all hair types. I am veery grateful that I was able to try and see what it was like. ALL this to say– your body, your hair, boyfriend, IG page, etc do NOT define you! You are beautiful and capable to do what you want to do with out your dream goldie locks. I am grateful that this situation brought a new light to self confidence for me. I do not need thicker hair to feel beautiful! I am perfect just the way I am. I hope this inspires you to find your confidence in something greater. <3 ILY.


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