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BRIDE TO BE- read this!

Hey party people!! I’m so excited to post another blog. Its totally something I will always look forward to spending time doing. I recently did a poll and asked if people are interested in hearing more about my experience wedding planning. So I’m going to go into more detail of the biggest things I’ve learned in further detail. AND how to plan a wedding on a budget! I have been super private about most of my planning. I want everyone to be surprised and it be special and personal for each person!! I haven’t even showed my bridesmaids my dress, so that shows how private I’ve been through it all. I will explain more in depth after I get married.

Okay so a little you must know about me before reading any further- I put really high expectations on myself. This has been one of the biggest things I’ve learned in life. The “perfect”, the most wild band, the tastiest food, etc, will not supply the joy/ satisfaction you are wanting during engagement. GOD will be the one to take care of that joy and those empty feelings. I have had my moments where I’ve been TOTALLY too caught up in all the details and have learned that at the end of the day- it’s about Alex and I making a commitment to the Lord and each other. It’s easy to throw a fit or get frustrated at your fiance because of a hard conversation with your parents or realizing what you had expected to happen totally won’t be happening. I encourage you to just take a deep breathe and recognize what truly makes you joyful with this situation. For me.. I have the most joy when I am intimately connected with God. Take a moment today to reflect on what’s going on and let go of any expectations you have on yourself or our world. At some point while you are planning your wedding, someone is going to let you down. Just keep finding and going back on what it’s all about. Your sweet marriage!!

So since I don’t have a planner- I really had no idea where to start. I began by making a pinterest board and kind of creating some sort of theme. I think I was all over the place because I had never been the type to dwell on my wedding- I wish I had done some thought before getting engaged! I think its SO important to have an idea of what season/ weather you want to get married in. I began by making a list of things that were most important to me…

  • Getting married outside with nice weather.

  • Photography/ videography

  • Everyone to have FUN aka a band

  • My dream wedding dress had no idea what this would look like lol

  • Lots of flowers

Okay so I knew what was important but had zero clue of how much each thing would cost. My parents have been so gracious to pay for this amazing day but I had no idea how much to budget for each vendor.

I was quick to look for a dress and a venue. Houston venues were always full, so I was worried I wasn’t going to find something available. Alex and I got engaged in January of this year and couldn’t find many venues available in 2018 WOW. We went and looked at a few venues and LOVED two of them. We found one that was available in Austin. We ended up going with one that is located in Houston! The venue is called Beckendorff farms & let me just say ITS BEAUTIFUL! So onto my dress- this is a hilarious/ crazy story that I will probably go into much more detail after I get married…. So stay tuned for that! But I will just say take your SWEET time on choosing your dress.

Things I wish I had done at the beginning:

  • Create an excel sheet of all the different things that you think you will be spending money on and create an estimated amount of money you think you’ll spend/ budget for each vendor.

  • Meet with some sort of planner/ coordinator to help me figure out my style before making an rash decisions I’ll explain more of this when I get married!!

  • Communicate often with the person who is paying for your wedding.

Things I’m glad I’ve done:

  • I eventually created an excel sheet of all of my vendors and how much money we put down & how much we owe.

  • I made a huge binder with each vendor sectioned off. Inside each section, I printed off wedding inspo ideas to show each vendor, which has allowed each of them to picture and create what I’m envisioning. This has helped me stay organized and see what I have completed and what I have left.

All this being said, don’t let wedding planning take over your emotions or steal your joy! There is SO much more to engagement than that. I have learned that over and over. I still am learning that!! Pinterest is something thats been super helpful in creating a theme BUT has created way too high expectations!

Right now, I’m about three months out and have mostly everything done! I am about to mail out my invitations. I’m just the type of person to continue to do stuff and stress out about not doing anything LOL.. so just trying to stay off Pinterest and focus on myself. God has shown up more than ever and has revealed so many beautiful things during this process.

I can’t wait to share more and more with y’all! It has been so cool to already hear so much feed back from y’all. Comment below more of what y’all want to hear from me!! I am eager to share with y’all and can’t wait to reveal the things I’ve planned after the big day!

Emma Hennessey

Welcome to my blog. You will find pics of my happy things, travel tips & things that make me feel pretty. thanks for hanging -xoxo-



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