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Hey Lovers!! So you guys are familiar already  🙂 I love healthy food. You can take out the word healthy and it still applies. Thanks so much for spending time to read another blog!

Today I am going to talk about where I enjoy grocery shopping and the hidden gems I find inside these stores! I find myself grocery shopping at HEB or Trader Joe’s (OCCASIONALLY whole foods, but I’m way too broke for that rn lol).  ALSO if y’all have any tips or things y’all like to eat PLEASE share with me! I am always open to trying something new!!


  • One of the most delicious & filling snack would be sunflower butter & a banana (or apple). Sunflower Butter has no sugar added and is a good source of protein. I typically keep this with me while I’m at work if I ever get hungry (everyday lol).
  • Plantain chips & Salsa: YUM. This stuff is quite delicious. Just watch how many chips you end up eating 🙂 I tend to go a little overboard. I LOVE Thrives Thai Salsa. But when I’m broke, I typically just get Pace because it’s made with the “best” healthy ingredients from HEB.
  • Prosciutto!! Always check the labels though! I normally get Apple Gate because its literally just made with Pork and Sea Salt. This is a really good source of protein for a snack. It has 7 grams of protein per piece.
  • RX Bar, Larabar, No cow bar 🙂 All three of these are quite yummy and pretty filling. If I’m in a rush for work I typically eat one of these. I am new to the No Cow bar & WOWZA they are dang good and is one of the most filling bars I’ve ever had. LaraBars are super tasty BUT be aware that they have 16 grams of sugar and only 4 grams of protein. RX bars do have more protein, but still a high amount of sugar. (13 grams of sugar and 12 grams of protein). No cow bars have 21 GRAMS OF PROTEIN and just 1 gram of sugar! WOWZA that’s a good deal right?!


Okay lets get to the real stuff!! We’ll start with breakfast. Breakfast is SUCH AN IMPORTANT MEAL and people tend to forget to eat something (my fiance)…. Anyways it really helps with your metabolism and from personal experience I tend to have way more energy when I eat a big breakfast.

  • Simply just a bar:  If you are ever rushed its totally fine to just eat a bar! That is still something. I enjoy something a bit more filling but a bar can do. I explained the bars I eat in the snack section.
  • EGGS: If you know me, you know I would like to eat eggs everyday for breakfast. I typically eat 2 or 3 eggs. This is such a good source of protein!! I like the get the cage free eggs from HEB. If I’m feeling super healthy, I’ll take the egg yolk out and just do egg whites because most of the protein is found in the egg white!
  • I like to pair my eggs with a mix of some sort of veggies. Typically something like spinach, garlic, onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, or even sweet potatoes. I love adding some sort of carb!
  • Avocado toast & bacon! ALSO I LOVE Paleo bread! This stuff is delicious and once you add a little Avocado and some S&P you are good to go. I typically eat this with bacon or a protein bar because I am normally still pretty hungry.
  • MOST IMPORTANT THING: coffee. It is totally a must have for me! I use the Houston breakfast blend from HEB and use hazelnut nut pods from Thrive market as my creamer!


Okay I look forward to lunch every day at work! It is simply the best break lol. So I work out in Sealy (its about an hour and a half from Austin and 50 minutes from Houston).. so honestly all we have is Whataburger and random hole in the walls…. so I bring my lunch every day!

  • I normally make some sort of veggies- I love sautaing most of my veggies with onions + garlic + S&P! I do this with mushrooms, zuchinni noodles, sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, bell peppers, regular potatoes, brussel sprouts, beets, green beans, spinach, etc. I pretty much love all veggies lol. OH and cauliflower rice is another fav of mine!! You can get these veggies anywhere. I have found that HEB and trader joes are the least expensive.
  • Protein: This is important! I have been changing this up a lot recently to get protein in different ways.
    • Shrimp- I normally just cook it all in the oven. All I do is add some olive oil, lemons, S&P, and red pepper flakes. Its so good.
    • Salmon- I cook this on the grill. I will put S&P and some lemon juice on top!
    • Chickpeas and Quinoa- these are soooooo good and super filling.
    • Chicken Sausage- Recently I have switched up my habits and have been trying to eat more fish. I used to eat this all the time because its SO DANG GOOD. The best brand would be Applegate.
    • Ground Turkey- this is super good with bell peppers and cauliflower rice 🙂
    • Safe catch tuna- I order this off of thrive market! It is super easy when I am feeling lazy about cooking!


Okay I’m not going to lie… I go out to eat way too often. Its just easier after work BUT I have been trying to be better about making something at home! It honestly tastes better, it just can be exhausting after work. I eat very similar to what I had for lunch. I also like to snack on banana chips and salsa while I’m cooking dinner. I normally make a side salad first and then some sort of protein and veggies!

  • Salad dressing- I order this off of Thrive Market. I like the Primal Kitchen Balsamic Vinaigrette. It’s so delicious and is made with avocado oil.
  • Chile lime chicken burgers- already made and found at Trader Joes!!
  • Desserts- Sometimes I’ll go get or I’ll make an acai bowl!

Here are a few photos I had on my phone of past meals that I’ve cooked. Subscribe so you can learn more of a step by step of how cook all my food 🙂

Have the best day!


-emma hennessey

Emma Hennessey

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