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 Hi loves!! Since my about me page was pretty short- I thought I would go into more detail of who I am & my intentions behind another Hi loves!! Since my about me page was pretty short- I thought I would go into more detail of who I am & my intentions behind another “blog”. My intentions behind this is much deeper than the clothes I’m wearing and the places I’ve been to. Although those things are fun and exciting they are just THINGS. So heres a little bit about my story and why I wanted to start this thing called a blog.

I’m going to start from the very beginning and hoping to be as transparent as possible! If you want any further detail about anything specific just email me 🙂 I’m always looking for ways to relate to others and hear other people’s stories.

Soooo I was almost a halloween baby- thankfully not!! I was born on October 30th in Htown, TX. I am 22 years old and have been in Texas most of my life. I spent two years in Colorado when I was seven, but vaguely remember much. I am one of five and my siblings are my best friends. My family is crazy and decided to some how always have four dogs. Two of them are puppies. THEY ARE STINKIN PRECIOUS. I love them (they might be my favorites).  I have amazing parents who have helped shape me into the person I am today. They were able to send me to Baylor and that is where I spent my last four years (sic em)!

Baylor: wow I could write so much on my time there. It was such an amazing yet formative season. I spent most of my time at cheer and the rest with friends. Sleep and homework were somewhere in between (the real world has hit me really hard…!).  I learned so much about myself while I was in Waco, and am continuing to learn more as I have entered a new season. I studied Marketing and have LOVED using what I learned in school to become an Influencer and ramp up my social media. Being an Influencer was always a dream of mine because I am passionate about people and doing things I love, but was extremely scared of what people thought of me. This has changed because I am proud of what Jesus has done in my life and want to share that with YOU. School was so hard for me but I learned so much about myself. I am not a quitter. I set my mind to something and will try and do everything I can to achieve it! But at the end of the day His plans are so much greater than our plans. My biggest advice when in college is SOAK IT UP. BE PRESENT. because it flies by SO QUICK. But I’ve been looking forward to a new adventure.

If you know me- you know I cannot sit still. I’m super ADD and always on the go. I am always on the hunt for new adventure. I love trying new things and being uncomfortable. I adore new cities & crazy experiences. So you can already assume- I love people and hearing their stories. People excite me!! I desire to get to know strangers and make them my friend. This explains why I was not created for a typical 8-5 job inside of a cubicle. There is adventure ALL around us. Do what makes you HAPPY and not what makes your insta followers happy 🙂 I have learned this over time- I really struggled with what others thought of me. I had this idea of starting a blog many years ago and actually ended up making an anonymous blog.. the only person who ever saw it was my fiance because I was too scared to show anybody.

Today I am being BOLD and doing something that makes ME happy and hoping to impact YOUR life with my story. I want to share my experiences with y’all and I would love for y’all to reach out and share your experiences with ME! I have learned over time that we all have different gifts and talents and why not share these with the world!

Things I love:

DREAMING– I love to dream. I dream constantly and keep a journal of all of my dreams. This blog was a dream and now its HAPPENING. I love when dreams come to life. I love a vision for something. Without a vision and goals, your dream cannot come to life. Goals are everything. Things I have been dreaming about right now:

  • THE BIG WEDDING DAY. I’m so excited and so ready.
  • Starting my own company & being my own boss. I would love for social media to take off. But for now I am soaking up the opportunities I have with my current job!
  • Traveling to South America.
  • Working really hard to buy myself a car.

All of these dreams are possible WITH GOALS! And community. Both of those things are vital!

TRAVELING– I want to go everywhere and meet everyone. At some point in life, my fiance and I are going to sell everything and travel the world. I want to experience new culture and a life somewhere else. Our world has so much to offer and I want to soak up every new opportunity. I love to taste new foods and see new creation. Traveling is what motivates me to work hard and be purposeful with my time because I want to see what the world has to offer in every corner!

Health & Fitness- My passion for this began at a young age! I was always super active and found working out as a way to relieve unnecessary stressed. I started doing Kayla Itsines waaaay back when I was a little freshman in high school. I was tiny little string bean. . ANYWAYS, I would spend my time after school either at the gym with Kayla or picking up some extra tumbling classes. I never really got into changing my eating habits until I went off to college. My motivation has never been to get smaller or lose weight. Weight is totally JUST A NUMBER. And no one has to know this number if you’re embarrassed by it. What began to motivate me to transform my eating habits was when I saw a change in how I felt, the amount of energy, my attitude, etc. Although my habits are very healthy, I still enjoy going to get a burger and fries and probably some sort of chocolate milkshake. We need food to work and continue living! It is super important to fuel your body. I could go on and on but I will just save that for future blogs 🙂

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY- okay so I have always been into taking pictures. I have always enjoyed this because I am super emotional and love to reminisce on past experiences. Photography is such a beautiful thing because it allows you to re-live specific feelings. I love love loveeeee looking back on the pictures that were taken on the day Alex and I got engaged. I am able to remember the feeling I had on that day. Also, I love to look back on memories with my grandma, TOOTIE! She was quite the hoot. I will always be able to remember her laugh by simply looking back at a photo. I love the process of photography. Editing is such an amazing thing. You can make a photo look incredible in so many different ways…  so videography has been a new hobby of mine. I have always enjoyed making videos. You can find all of my old music videos on youtube lol. Editing videos has become such a passion and then seeing the final product is always so exciting. I can’t wait to share more videos with y’all!!

JESUS- This is the most important thing to me. I serve a God who has given me an immense amount of blessings and continues to give me grace! My relationship with Jesus started when I was seven, but wasn’t super active until I was 18. Each day, He shows me something new about him. I want to be vulnerable with y’all in this area. This is something I am always going to try and be genuine about. I love to read and learn new things about scripture and truth. I can’t wait to share more with y’all and learn for each one of you guys 🙂

I am passionate about so much and could go on and on, but want to save some topics for some future blogs. I can’t want to get to know y’all. Please leave a comment below and tell me a little bit about yourself! I want to be intentional with you. I would love to hear more through my email as well. I want to be vulnerable with you guys and share the good & bad with y’all.

that is all for now!!



Emma Hennessey

Welcome to my blog. You will find pics of my happy things, travel tips & things that make me feel pretty. thanks for hanging -xoxo-



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